Dos Equis “The Comeback”

Freddy Mandy

Freddy Mandy’s evolution from agency creative to filmmaker was a natural progression driven by his relentless pursuit of comedic excellence and artistic innovation.

As an agency creative, Mandy honed his skills in storytelling, mastering the delicate balance between humor and sincerity with iconic surrealism. This foundation laid the groundwork for his transition into the world of directing, where he seamlessly translated his comedic virtuosity and penchant for crafting worlds with wry nuance into visually striking cinematic films.

Formerly half of the famed director-duo The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide, Mandy’s commercial work reflects a deep-seated commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional comedy with work that marries epic American filmmaking with deadpan British wit. Known for his cinematic world-building, underplayed humour and deft VFX, Mandy’s comedy is always pitch-perfect. From the awkward dialogue in his H&R Block spot about a man’s ex-wife still doing his taxes to his award-winning “Dirty Dancing” ad for MoneySuperMarket, where Skeletor and He-Man become improbable dance partners, what truly sets Mandy apart is his ability to explore human emotions, societal norms, and the intricacies of the human condition through absurd comedic contexts. Other notable award-winning projects include work for Dos Equis, Westpac, Pedigree, and New Zealand Tourism.

Mandy’s accolades, spanning films for LEGO and Halfords, underscore his ability to craft comedic narratives that resonate across borders and he has received awards from Cannes Lions, BAFTA, Clios, The British Arrows, among others, further cementing his position as a standout talent.

Mandy is an intuitive and nuanced performance director with a strong creative voice, command of craft and an innate and well earned understanding of advertising.