SMUGGLER has a proven track record of creating stories that inspire and truly resonate. At its core, it stands for creative originality, integrity, and excellence. SMUGGLER’s unparalleled team is comprised of industry leading producers, writers, and creative directors with expertise in commercials, music videos, feature film, design, and photography.

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Submission Policy

Please note that SMUGGLER Entertainment does not accept unsolicited materials of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, ideas, concepts, pitches, suggestions, characters, stories, treatments, outlines, scripts, formats, artwork, photographs, audiovisual works, musical compositions, sound recordings, and other similar works (“Unsolicited Material”). The sole purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings, disputes, or lawsuits that may arise if Smuggler Entertainment produces or publishes materials that might appear to be similar or identical to unsolicited materials submitted. Any Unsolicited Material sent to us by any means will be deleted, destroyed and/or returned, at SMUGGLER Entertainment’s sole discretion, and will not be read.

New York

38 W 21st Street, 12th Floor
New York, NY 10010
+1 212 337 3327

Quentin Street

Assistant to Patrick Milling-Smith

Allison Kunzman

Executive Producer

Carlin Wilson-Webb

Executive Producer

Matt Renner

Executive Vice President, Current Programming
SMUGGLER Entertainment

Tracey Cole

Executive In Charge, Production
SMUGGLER Entertainment

Erin Wahed

Director of Sales & Management - East Coast

Trace Henderson

Sales & Management - East Coast

Los Angeles

823 Seward Street
Los Angeles, CA 90038
+1 323 817 3300

Brian Carmody

Founding Partner

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Tim Pastore

Chief Executive Officer / Co-Founder
SMUGGLER Entertainment

Andrew Colón

Chief Operating Officer

Sue Yeon Ahn

Managing Director US

Drew Santarsiero

Executive Producer

Jaclyn Larson

Executive Producer

Alex Hughes

Head of Production

Erin Krozek

Senior Vice President, Development
SMUGGLER Entertainment

Brent Novick

Director of Sales & Management - West Coast

Matt Conforti

Sales - West Coast

Camille Semprez

Music Video Representative - US


2-3 Bourlet Close
London, W1W 7BQ
+44 (0) 207 636 7665

Fergus Brown

Managing Director

Lucy Kelly

Managing Director

Tom Knight

Executive Producer

Elizabeth Doonan (Maternity Leave)

Executive Producer | Special Projects

Joel Spencer

Executive Producer | Special Projects

Nosisa Majuqwana

Head of New Business

Shiara Miranda

New Business

Sarah Boardman

Music Video Representative - UK


Jimmy Waldron

Director of Sales & Management - Midwest
+1 847 727 5154