shots Awards 2023 Winners Announced!

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SMUGGLER – Production Company of the Year (Silver)
Mark Molloy “Escape From The Office” Apple – Direction (Gold), Cinematography (Gold), Copywriting (Gold), Concept (Silver), Editing (Bronze)
Ivan Zachariáš “Data Auction” Apple – Cinematography (Gold), Concept (Gold)
Ivan Zachariáš “This Is How We Work Now” Upwork – Concept (Bronze)
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SMUGGLER 2023 AICP Shortlists

SMUGGLER receives 37 Shortlists at the 2023 AICP Awards – AICP Show (23), AICP Next (5), AICP Post (9). Ad Council, “Love Has No Labels” – Andrew Muir  Performance Cause Marketing/PSA Storytelling adidas “Family Reunion” – Nina Holmgren Sound Design :60 and Under Apple “Data Auction” – Ivan Zachariáš Advertising Excellence Concept Direction Production Design…