Get to Know Our Summer Talent: Ebeneza Blanche

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The Face: “Born in Holland, raised in London, filmmaker Ebeneza Blanche’s life was flipped upside down when he went to boarding school in Ghana aged 13. “Mum sent me to learn a lesson,” he recalls, ruefully. “It was a culture shock, the Ghanaian mindset. It’s eat or get eaten.” He didn’t go back for nine years after returning to the UK. But now Blanche is music’s go-to guy for shooting in West Africa, directing a music video for Jae5, Rema and Skepta in Accra, as well as the award-winning short for Little Simz’s Point and Kill in Lagos, Nigeria. “Simz actually hit me up on Instagram,” says the 29-year-old. “She gave me full creative freedom.” Represented by film production company SMUGGLER, Blanche has even mined his boarding school days for inspiration on his recently released short film Mathlete. Ultimately, the filmmaker wants to show the world how people in Ghana can “live the happiest lives with less”. Mission accomplished.”

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