Volkswagen “Those Guys”

Björn Rühmann

The German-born Björn Rühmann is the rare bird of advertising. His work is uncategorizable but distinctly recognizable. He’s known for his beguiling and tweaked, Germanic sense of humor, unforgettable characters and wholly unique story-worlds. He started his career as a creative at TBWA Paris, and after a few short years, embarked upon his career as a filmmaker. He launched his directing career as the co-founder of the lauded collective The Vikings and found immediate success with his short film “Power of Wind” for Epuron promoting wind energy. The spot has achieved cult-like status among industry insiders and is as admired today as it was upon its initial release where it won a Cannes Gold Lion, among others.

It wasn’t long until Björn ventured out on his own as a director, helming commercials for clients including American Express, Coca Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Skittles, Puma and Under Armour. Björn is unique in his ability to seamlessly move between European and US markets, understanding the nuances of diverse audiences and crafting his work to appeal to the comedic sensibilities of different viewers. His work for Cravendale is a comedic reimagining of the first time a man decided to milk a cow, while his sweeping 80-second spot “Assassin’s Creed Rise” showed a different side of his visual sensibility. Björn transcends genres, amusing audiences with one film while empowering others with another. His work has received accolades at Cannes Lions, Ad Age Creativity Awards, The One Show, Clio Awards, AICP, Shots, and The British Arrows, among others.

To know Björn is to love him. Words can’t convey his charm, wild imagination and sense of wonder he brings to every project.  He is known for striking a dry, absurdist tone while expressing his creative voice with a certain “German Präzision”. He is equally at ease moving through realms of comedy and drama, always the ever-present observer of the minutiae and oddities of everyday life. True artists are ahead of the curve and it feels like the world is catching up to his off-kilter sensibility and style. It’s Björn’s world and we’re all living in it.