Why Ogilvy Made a Weirdly Hilarious Ad for A Staten Island Realtor

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Ad Age: “The thought was, ‘Can we use our day jobs to actually improve his core business?’ We both loved the notion of using Ogilvy and Smuggler’s resources to do for Tony what we do for giant companies. Rather than try to emulate his social media—you can’t improve on perfection—the idea was to have the creatives and Tony write his dream commercial to showcase his business for locals that might not be aware of his social media presence.”

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Shots: “Created by Lucky Generals, and directed by Björn Rühmann through SMUGGLER, this uplifting musical treat is a joyful concoction of tongue-in-cheek choreography, playful character design and questionable rhymes (mammalian lactation, anyone?), emphasising the inclusive nature of the brand and the difference it makes when your beverage is created with family care and attention.”