Making the Business Case for Creativity

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Adweek: “‘This Is How We Work Now’ features the dead CEO, Jack, singing about how his ways shouldn’t be the ways of the future. The epic ad, and its many iterations, jacked up awareness of the company. In the six months following the campaign’s launch in September 2022, unaided awareness grew more than 30%, with unaided awareness among large businesses increasing by more than 140%. From the third to fourth quarters of 2022, ad recall jumped 45% among large businesses, with 58% growth in top-of-mind awareness, according to Upwork’s earnings call.”

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The AICP Awards 2023 Honours the Best Advertising of the Year

SMUGGLER was the joint most-awarded production company at the 2023 AICP Awards with seven total honours. Aoife McArdle was one of the most honoured directors in the show, receiving four awards.