AD AGE: Directed By SMUGGLER’s Henry-Alex Rubin, Dove’s Deepfake Move Warns Of Toxic Influencers In A New Self-Esteem Campaign Made With Ogilvy

“A powerful new campaign from Ogilvy takes pairs of mothers and teenage daughters and aims to open the moms’ eyes to the kind of content their daughters are consuming online. In the documentary-style film, directed by Henry-Alex Rubin of SMUGGLER, the moms and daughters sit down, apparently to watch some clips of influencers. The girls…

CAMPAIGN US: “The Unskippable Underdogs: The Director Behind the Lengthy ‘Apple At Work’ Films”

“Since 2019 ‘The underdogs’ have humorously captured the trials and tribulations of the working world, all the while advertising Apple’s products. Campaign talks to SMUGGLER director Mark Molloy to discuss why they are so effective.” “At precisely eight minutes and 50 seconds of product after product, it’s fair to say, by description, the latest installment…

Alphabet Soup: A Conversation with Topaz Jones and rubberband.

rubberband. and Topaz Jones discuss their award-winning film and unique approach to filmmaking with the Criterion Collection. Click here to read the full interview.

MUSE BY CLIO: Heron Preston, Savion Glover, Nas Bring New Energy To Calvin Klein

“Designer Heron Preston brings earthy, vibrant energy to Calvin Klein’s latest collection. The hero video, “Heron Preston for Calvin Klein,” is directed by Ricky Saiz with production firm SMUGGLER, and features American dancer Savion Glover.” Click here to read the full article.

ADWEEK: The Origin Story of the Little Lad Who Loves Berries and Cream

Randy Krallman’s 2007 Starburst ad becomes a 2021 TikTok viral sensation. Click here to read the full article.

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