IKEA “The Room”

Stefanie Soho

Stefanie Soho began her film career by documenting the European urban dance scene. She quickly achieved international acclaim for her natural storytelling ability and intimate work that evokes a deep sense of authenticity.

Stefanie presents raw, textural human narratives that unfold in a cinematic and seamless flow. Her distinct style and background has proven a perfect complement to music, with videos for A$AP Rocky and YAMAHA’s “Make Yourself Heard” campaign cementing her place as a standout directorial talent.

Her honest and original voice has made her a favorite among fashion brands including Nike, Adidas, Asics, Reebok, New Balance, and Calvin Klein, and in 2020 Stefanie helmed a worldwide Levi’s campaign featuring Justin Timberlake. Grounded in intuitive storytelling, she is able to adapt her documentary-influenced aesthetic across the music, tech, and automotive worlds, crafting stories with stunning visuals for the world’s leading brands including What’s App, Google, Mercedes, Porsche, to name a few.

Most recently, Stefanie helmed two spots for Google’s “Your Life with Pixel” campaign as well as a film for IKEA, both illustrating modern romance in her signature, true-to-life and nuanced style. Stefanie continues to find success through authentic and finely crafted visual storytelling that explores fleeting moments of lyricism, intimacy, and quiet drama.