Heineken “Daniel Craig vs James Bond”

Miles Jay

Miles has that rare, original, and distinctive voice that leans into truth with everything he does.  Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Miles grew up in a filmmaking family and discovered early on that he had a natural affinity for storytelling. Taking pride in presenting pure, human stories told through a stunningly cinematic lens, Miles’s work evokes a genuine sense of awe, while always staying rooted in a strong sense of reality.

In a short time, Miles Jay has already achieved what many strive for over an entire career. He holds awards from Cannes Lions, Clios, AICP, The One Show, the Webby Awards, Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase, Ciclope, and the D&AD’s. He earned a DGA Awards nomination for Outstanding Directorial Achievement for his work on AT&T/ESPN’s “It Can Wait” campaign and his celebrated Squarespace X John Malkovich campaign earned multiple awards, including an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial, Cannes Lions for Direction and Cinematography, and Clio Awards for Direction and Branded Entertainment. Miles’s moving and provocative music video “Smile” for Jay-Z was universally lauded and honored at numerous award shows, taking home the Entertainment Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, Best Music Video Jury Award at SXSW, Gold in Music Video Direction at the Ciclope Festival, Best Music Video at the AICP Awards, and Best Individual Performance at The Webby Awards, among others.

Most recently, Miles’s helmed Heineken’s new 007 branded short film Daniel Craig vs. James Bond which has been hailed by Fast Company as “easily the best commercial of their eight-film, 23-year dance”.  Miles found new innovative ways of working in the face of the pandemic helming a series of spots for Apple’s Behind the Mac campaign featuring James Blake, Tyler Mitchel among others, as well as the short film for Facebook and Droga5 highlighting Pete Walsh, the owner of famed Washington Heights pub Coogan’s, to name a few.

Miles continues to prove he’s a generational talent. He has taken the baton of first-class directors with an unrivaled force and a relentless focus on craft. His work evokes the feeling of a wise soul with an otherworldly sensitivity.  He’s a visual storyteller with a directorial eye that transcends advertising, always searching for human truths and emotions he can celebrate and explore.