Gucci x GQ “A Hero’s Journey: Jalen Ramsey”

Ebeneza Blanche

Growing up in both Ghana and the UK, Ebeneza Blanche is a multidisciplinary filmmaker who is quickly becoming a household name in the world of music videos, fashion, advertising, and film.  He was recently named Best New Director at YDA, AICP, UKVMA, Kinsale, and Creative Circle.

Ebeneza is most known for his music video for Little Simz “Point & Kill.” It has swept the awards circuit and continues to ride the wave of being both a fan and festival favorite winning Best Music Video at the UKMVA and netting him Best New Director at multiple film festivals. It was also the first music video chosen as part of the Tribeca Film Festival and screened at this year’s SXSW. The effortlessly stylish music video is a riff on Blaxploitation films and imagery from West African cinema of the 70’s highlighted by the charismatic and confident cast. 

His short “Mathlete” in collaboration with streetwear brand, The New Originals, is a celebration of the recklessness of youth, while tackling very serious subjects like poverty and economic hardships. In his work for Gucci x GQ entitled “A Hero’s Journey”, Ebeneza enlists his sensible filmmaking techniques to paint a self reflective portrait of NFL superstar Jalen Ramsey.

Ebeneza Blanche has the intuitive ability to translate his aesthetic into every detail on screen. His graphic compositions juxtaposed with the humanity inherent in the storytelling creates a distinctive tone.  He brings an eclectic mix of influences and inspirations to define his original voice as a filmmaker.