Simon Davis of rubberband.

Patrick Milling-Smith and Brian Carmody

Fenn O’Meally

Jaron Albertin and Spike Lee on the set of Montblanc

Kathryn Bigelow and Patrick Milling-Smith at the 2018 IRC Rescue Dinner

Andrew Colón and Brynne Copping at the AICP Awards 2018

Similar But Different and Kamila Prokop at the AICP Awards 2018

Robert Cole, Fred Zollo and Patrick Milling-Smith at the Tony Awards (2012)

Jason Sondock of rubberband.

Brian Carmody in Cannes (1998)

Jaron Albertin on the set of Montblanc

Jason Sondock and Simon Davis

Maria Prieto on the SMUGGLER New York Rooftop

The motley crew of Svedka directed by Nima Nourizadeh with R/GA. Top Row is from Left to Right is: Nayeli De Alba, Alejandro Abarca, Cesar Ahumada, Todd Sullivan, John Lowe, David Batchelor Wilson, Roberto “Negro” Díaz Second (middle) Row from Left tor Right is: Mario, Vicky Arcos, Lane Petrauskas, Patricia Zavala, Natalia Fredericks, Tim Hogan Third (bottom) Row from Left to Right: Julie Benevides, Nima Nourizadeh, Par Ekberg, Francesca Lentini

Patrick Milling-Smith

Jaron Albertin

Jaron Albertin

SHOTS Magazine – Patrick Milling-Smith & Greg Shapiro

Oskar Holmedal of Stylewar behind the scenes on Porsche.

David Richards, Jen Dennis and Madelaine Guppy at the AICP Awards 2018